Stressed Out? Get A Dog!

Here is a list of the best dog breeds for stressed out people

Chihuahuas - They weigh no more than 6 pounds, they're low maintenance. They will give you all of the attention and distract you from your stress.

Cocker Spaniel - According to Animal Planet, these dogs are good at connecting with children dealing with mental health issues or emotional challenges. They're also pretty sweet!

Corgis - The AKC says this breed is "Obedient and loyal without being needy". They bond with humans quickly which makes them great as companions for nursing home residents and those with disabilities. 

Dachshunds - Who doesn't love a wiener dog???

French Bulldogs - That little squishy face would make anyone forget stress!

Golden or Labrador Retrievers - These are the most popular therapy dogs, so right there you know they're great at de-stressing you! They're also very smart and easy to be around.

Greyhounds - These dogs are rather quiet and even though they can sprint up to 35-miles per hour, they like just laying around. Known as the "Gentle Giant" they're super sweet!

Saint Bernards - Basically, an over sized teddy bear! These 180-pound fluffy dogs require little exercise as they're not all that active. This breed is very calming to be around. 

Yorkies - The Yorkie was the first ever therapy dog. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic used a Yorkie on his rounds visiting injured Naval Officers during WW II. The little guy did his job lifting the spirits of those men. Another great thing about the Yorkie, they're tiny size allows you to take them pretty much everywhere!

Amy Malone

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